Expertise and quality in the refractory sector.

[ Company ]

Sideral Refrattari is a company that has been in business since 2007 and that specialises in producing refractory material by bottom casting. The emerging start-up company of the early years soon turned into a successful business that captured important market positions. Lying at the heart of Sideral’s operations is its never-ending quest to achieve the highest level of quality, and this has strengthened its role of dependable partner of forging ingot manufacturers. The attention Sideral pays to the requirements of every single customer has made its production flexible, offering quick and accurate solutions to special requests. Validation of its production process and the continual confirmation of supplies by its partners are the paramount indicators of a quality beyond dispute.

[ Mission ]

The product manufactured by Sideral is a basic link in the iron and steel market sub-supply chain, in particular special steels, used in varied and important sectors such as mechanics, shipbuilding, petrochemical and above all energy. Sideral has chosen to offer a highly specialized service dedicated to the market niche of ingot bottom casting. Besides producing high quality refractory plate, Sideral also offers technical-productive consulting on the field, integrating its offer design of tailor-made moulds according to the customer's specific needs. Sideral combines the competitiveness of a company equipped with state-of-the-art production technologies, with the expertise of professionals with a specific know-how in this sector. The steady feedback from customers enables you to share problems and needs and us to offer timely and targeted solutions.