Made in Italy production and process traceability.

[ Production ]

The use of selected raw materials, the electronically controlled and monitored production process, the job order tracking enable to produce refractory material with the highest quality standards.
Each step of the productive cycle features double lines for unexpected production peaks and for the scheduled maintenance, still keeping a reliable service to customers. The productive seat complies with safety norms and features all systems needed to reduce emissions in the atmosphere to safeguard the environment. Procedures to get the quality certification are in progress.

Description of the production flow:

Mixing raw materials
Quality control

[ Eco-Sustainability ]

Sideral has focussed its company policy on actually integrating quality and respect for the environment from the very first day it went into business. This is why the company has technologies capable of reducing atmospheric emissions and is committed to recycling 100% of process residue by putting it back into the first production process phase.